Regional Ecosystem Development

Lead the development of an efficient, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Through the center’s Regional Ecosystem Development, entrepreneurs and small business owners are connected to right local and regional resources to start, grow and accelerate their businesses, while we work on developing the ecosystem to support them.

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Entrepreneurship fuels our economy.

Being connect to the right resources sets up entrepreneurs for success.

“Entrepreneurs don’t do it because it sounds cool. They do it because it’s something they have to do.”

– Stephanie Warzecha, backstitch inc.

How we develop our ecosystem

Connect entrepreneurs to the right resource, at the right time

Thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners in KC and across Missouri contact the center via KCSourceLink and MOSourceLink‘s hotline and website.

With that central hub of entrepreneurship information, Kansas City and Missouri business owners can find business workshops and events on the region’s most comprehensive business calendar; find inspiration through Entrepreneur in Action stories; and get connected to the help they need to start, grow and accelerate their businesses, personalized to their needs, type of business and business stage.

Map resources and make them visible

It’s our job to know every resource in our region and the types and stages of businesses they serve to help entrepreneurs move forward. We’ve mapped the entrepreneurship ecosystem all on the Resource Rail℠ for Kansas City and across Missouri.

Improve access to capital

For entrepreneurs, securing capital for their businesses is one of the most challenging parts of business and can make or break a business’ survival.

We help make funding and financial resources visible and accessible by connecting entrepreneurs to the appropriate funding sources.

We also monitor the capital landscape through our We Create Capital (Kansas City) and Show Me Capital (Missouri) ecosystem reports to find and fill gaps in the funding continuum.

Engage the broader corporate community

We lead the nation in ecosystem development by creating a model for corporate engagement through five strategic exchanges to advance entrepreneurship, create more jobs and accelerate innovation.
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Monitor, measure and fill gaps in entrepreneurial services

We monitor and measure the entrepreneurship ecosystem to help the community and region make data-driven decisions with direct impacts regarding what businesses need, without duplication of services. Through our We Create Jobs (Kansas City) and Show Me Jobs (Missouri) ecosystem reports, we also show the economic impact of our region’s and state’s startups, which create nearly all new jobs. 

Coordinate an inclusive annual entrepreneurship event

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Kansas City is the largest celebration of our region’s doers, dreamers and job creators and provides them with free access to support, tools and connections they need to build stronger businesses.
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Get Involved in Regional Ecosystem Development

Need resources for your startup or established business? Interested in helping advancing entrepreneurship in our region?

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