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Drive local communities and economies forward.

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Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of local economies. SourceLink and its 50+ affiliate communities support those who support them. Through our proven process and consulting tools, we help drive local communities and economic forward, by building entrepreneurship ecosystems and connecting them to a national network of ecosystem builders.

“[SourceLink] is the infrastructure that you need to accelerate your work in your community. The best way to measure your impact and make sure that what you do, sticks.”

– Denisse Rodríguez, Colmena66, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

Programs in Global Expansion

The future of economic development rests with entrepreneurs. SourceLink has been at the forefront of quantifying and shaping this story in the economic development field.

We know entrepreneurs struggle with getting to the right resource at the right time and we solve this issue in local markets with our proven process and consulting tools.

Identify and map local entrepreneurial resources

In cites, regions or even across a state and make them visible and more accessible to entrepreneurs.
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Connect entrepreneurs with resources and investors

Through a central hub – a robust website, a one-stop hotline and/or a community calendar of events.
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Support and empower ecosystem builders

With tools, best practices and a nationwide network to help them better engage with entrepreneurs, build inclusive ecosystems, fill gaps in entrepreneurial services and build sustainable and resilient entrepreneurship ecosystems.
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Measure and demonstrate impact

Of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship ecosystems with tools and reports built specifically for entrepreneurship developers.
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Consulting services for entrepreneurship ecosystem building

Blends technology with decades of experience connecting entrepreneurs and small businesses to the resources in their communities to move local economies forward.

Dr. Lomax R. Campbell

“Through [the SourceLink] process we’ve identified 150 companies and organizations that have resources and putting it all in one platform is huge. We wouldn’t have thought to enhance the ecosystem [without SourceLink] and now we can see our blind spots.”

– Dr. Lomax Campbell, Nexus i90, City of Rochester, New York

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